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<p align="center">The Shargeek Retro 35W GaN Charger is actually more than just a cute retro design. It uses advanced GaN technology to ensure energy output while greatly compressing the size, 35W output power can easily charge your phone, iPad and laptop.<br></p> <p align="center">Color LED: Check the charging status through the small screen, which changes from white to yellow and blue to green depending on power consumption and charging speed of the connected device. The Happy smiley face on the screen can also be replaced with other icons or images, as a template is provided for users to print their own on clear sticker material.</p> <p></p><p><ul><ul></ul></ul></p><p align="center">Ports: USB-C</p><p align="center">Input Voltage 100-240 Volts (AC)</p><p align="center">Output: 35W Max</p><p align="center">Support Protocol: PD3.0/PPS/QC4+/Apple2.4/SCP/FCP/AFC/PE</p><p align="center">Size: 1.37*1.70*1.24"</p><p align="center">Weight: 55g</p><p></p>

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<div class="product-block" align="center"><h6> </h6><div class="rte"><h6> Shargeek Capsule Gravity is a time manager and a 5000mAh capacity power bank. It can be used as a multi-function digital clock and 3-in-1 timer (clock, pomodoro, countdown timer, timer and alarm clock). It follows the cyberpunk style and is full of technology.</h6><h6><br data-mce-fragment="1">Small Appearance: The weight is only 130g, the size is 95*38*33mm, the exquisite design can accurately grasp the time. When not needing it as a time management tool, place it on your desk, on a shelf, or even hang it on the wall as an eye-catching cyberpunk decoration.</h6><h6><br data-mce-fragment="1">Low Reflectivity Screen: 3.2 inches screen size, reduces screen reflectivity, improves light transmittance, and achieves strong light visibility.</h6><h6><br data-mce-fragment="1">20W Fast Charging: Capsule Gravity features a 20W USB-C port to fast charge your smartphone or even your MacBook Air. It can charge your iPhone 13 battery to 60% in 30 minutes, 4 times faster than standard power banks.</h6><h6><br data-mce-fragment="1">Universal Compatibility: Equipped with 20W USB C port and type c &amp;lighting capsule cable, compatible with laptops, mobile phones, iPads and more devices with USB C/Lighting port, meet all your charging needs. Conveniently charge your Samsung, iPhone, Google Pixel, Nintendo Switch, GoPro, Kindle, and more at home or on the go. </h6></div><div class="rte"><h6><br></h6></div><div class="rte"><h6 data-pf-type="Heading" class="sc-cTAqQK eHolsa pf-35_">Time calendar, alternative to traditional clocks</h6><h6 data-pf-type="Heading" class="sc-cTAqQK eHolsa pf-38_">Pomodoro timer, improve work efficiency</h6><h6 data-pf-type="Heading" class="sc-cTAqQK eHolsa pf-41_">Timekeeper and alarm clock, keep track of project time</h6><h6 data-pf-type="Heading" class="sc-cTAqQK eTQBiU pf-44_">Countdown timer, nice kitchen helper</h6><h6 data-pf-type="Heading" class="sc-cTAqQK eHolsa rid-6">5000mAh Powerbank</h6><h6 class="sc-jtXEFf jydWoQ rid-5" data-pf-type="Paragraph">With its 20W charging output and 5,000mAh battery capacity for fast charging, it's easy to power all your electronic devices with it.</h6></div><div class="rte"><h6><br></h6></div><div class="rte"><h6><br></h6></div></div> <div class="product-block product-block--tab" align="center"><div class="collapsibles-wrapper collapsibles-wrapper--border-bottom"><h6> </h6></div></div><div class="product-block product-block--tab" align="center"><div class="collapsibles-wrapper collapsibles-wrapper--border-bottom"><div id="Product-content-tab8006906085627" class="collapsible-content collapsible-content--all"><h6> </h6><div class="collapsible-content__inner rte"><h6> </h6></div><h6> </h6></div><h6> </h6></div></div> <div class="product-block product-block--tab" align="center"><div class="collapsibles-wrapper collapsibles-wrapper--border-bottom"><h6> </h6></div></div><div class="product-block product-block--tab" align="center"><div class="collapsibles-wrapper collapsibles-wrapper--border-bottom"><div id="Product-content-0e501dcb-b3bd-4826-a9a8-387db2fda3838006906085627" class="collapsible-content collapsible-content--all"><h6> </h6><div class="collapsible-content__inner rte"><h6> </h6></div><h6> </h6></div><h6> </h6></div></div> <div class="product-block" align="center"><div class="social-sharing"><h6> <svg aria-hidden="true" class="icon icon-facebook" viewBox="0 0 14222 14222"></svg><br></h6></div></div>

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<h6 align="center">Sharge Flow Powerbank brings efficient heat dissipation by deconstructing and internalizing the classic transparent design and striped elements of the iMac G3; it uses LG&nbsp;batteries for small size and big power.</h6><h6 align="center"><br data-mce-fragment="1">Super Portable Design: Sharge 10000mAh portable powerbank, which is only one-third the size of iPhone 13 Pro and smaller than a credit card. The compact design is perfect for outdoor hiking, travel, business, etc.</h6><h6 align="center"><br data-mce-fragment="1">Unique Low-Current Mode:Unlike most portable power banks, Sharge low-current mode can work with not only all the phones, tablets but your smaller devices like AirPods, bluetooth headphones, fitness trackers, smartwatches, etc.</h6><h6 align="center"><br data-mce-fragment="1">Excellent Charging Function:This 10000mAh portable battery charger is&nbsp;dual output ports can charge two devices at the same time, and it also supports pass-through charging, which can charge a battery pack while charging a device. The 20W max output can charge an iPhone 12 to 50% in 30 minutes.</h6><h6 align="center"><br data-mce-fragment="1">Universal Compatibility:This portable phone charger with USB-C and USB-A two output port can be compatible with all smart devices on the market, such as iPhone/Samsung/Pixel/LG/Switch series, etc. 10000mAh battery capacity can be used for iPhone 13 2.4 times, iPhone 8 3.7 times, Samsung Galaxy S22 2 times, Pixel 6 1.8times.</h6><h6 align="center"><br data-mce-fragment="1">Superior Safety:Sharge high safety standards make this USB power bank is shell not only made of fireproof materials, but also has over-temperature protection, over-voltage protection, over-current protection, anti-static protection, short circuit protection and overload protection. Guard your security 24 hours a day.</h6><p><br></p><h6 align="center">Use high-performance lithium-ion batteries than lithium polymer batteries, longer life, more powerful.</h6><p><br></p><h6 align="center">Sharge Flow small power bank supports Pass-through charging, so you can charge your phone while charging yourself.</h6><p><br></p><h6 align="center">Press and hold the switch for 5 seconds, and Sharge Flow will enter lower power charging mode to support low power devices, including wearable like smartwatches and wireless earbuds. </h6><p><br></p><h6 align="center">Its battery power is 36wh, which is lower than the airline limit of 100wh and can be easily taken on airplane.</h6><p><br></p><h6 align="center">Six safety protection features<br>All-round guarding your security</h6><p><br></p><h6 data-pf-type="Heading" class="sc-gGCDDS giZcCL pf-149_" align="center">Smart Temperature Control System 3.0</h6><h6 class="sc-jlsrNB ikRhSQ pf-152_" data-pf-type="Paragraph" align="center">Automatic temperature detection of the battery cell, to protect your charging safety</h6><h6 align="center"><br></h6>

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<p align="center"></p><p align="center"><ul></ul></p><p align="center">Shargeek Storm² Slim 130w power bank continues the transparent design by displaying itself from the inside out. The see-through design portable battery reveals its sophisticated internal structure including equipped battery and circuit layout, showing the beauty of technology.<br><br>IPS Display Screen: The portable phone charger's on-display power management system visualizes the battery life, output distribution, running temp, battery temp, operation hours, working ports, etc. in a clear, concise, and intuitive way, showing you the whole process of charging.<br><br>20000mAh Large Capacity: With a massive 20000mAh capacity, the Shargeek USB C power bank can provide iPhone(18W) up to 4 charges, MacBook(45W) up to 1.5 charges, iPad(30W) up to 1.5 charges, Go Pro/DSLR up to 12 charges, powering for days, but it only needs 90 minutes to be fully recharged.<br><br>130W PD Fast Charging:The portable power bank is featured with a PD 100W USB C port, which enables it fast charges MacBook pro 16" from 0% to 50% in 41 minutes with a 100W USB C cable(included) and charger, 2X faster than the original charger, saving more time for you.<br><br>Universal Compatibility: Equipped with a 100W USB C port and a 30W USB port, supporting 130W max output, the Shargeek 130W power bank can charge two devices simultaneously, compatible with laptops, phones, iPad, and more devices with USB C/ USB ports, meeting all your charging needs.</p><p align="center">Input: USB-C Input: 5V/3A, 9V/3A,12V/3A,15V/3A, 20V/3.25A (65W Max)</p><p align="center"><ul></ul></p><p align="center">Output: When using one port: USB-A Output: 5V/3A, 9V/2A,12V/2.5A (30W Max), USB-C Output: 5V/3A, 9V/3A,12V/3A,15V/3A,20V/5A (100W Max); When using two ports at the same time: USB-A+USB-C Output: 30W+100W (130W Max)</p><p align="center"><ul></ul></p><p align="center">Exquisite Craftsmanship &amp; Sleek Design</p><p align="center">With a large capacity of 20000mAh and 130W max output, the&nbsp; Storm² Slim is also of exquisite craftsmanship and sleek design, such as SMD Components, Fireproof case, R5 arc fillet, and Stealth protection, that all make it a comfortable holding feeling and durable.</p><p align="center">For the goal of being comfortably traveling with,&nbsp; Storm² Slim is a pocket-sized power supply. It is compact and cost-efficient, which will be the perfect battery station to take anywhere in the world. It allows you to charge two devices at the same time and easily satisfies most of your charging needs.</p><p align="center"><ul></ul></p><p align="center"><br></p>

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<p style="--s-xs: 0px;"></p><ul></ul><p></p><p style="--c-xs: 12; --c-sm: 6; --c-md: 8; --c-lg: 8;"></p><p></p><p></p><p></p><p></p><p></p><p></p><p style="--s-xs: 0px;"></p><ul></ul><p></p><p style="--c-xs: 12; --c-sm: 6; --c-md: 8; --c-lg: 8;"></p><ul></ul><p></p><p style="--c-xs: 12; --c-sm: 6; --c-md: 4; --c-lg: 4;"></p><ul></ul><p></p><p></p><ul></ul><p></p><p></p><ul></ul><p></p><p></p><ul></ul><p></p><h6>Storm² provides a whole new charging experience unlike any other power bank. Its Cyberpunk-style transparent case marks a new era of design.<br><br>The smart power control system clearly displays the results on the IPS display, so you can check the status of your Storm² at any time and have everything under control.<br><br>The Shargeek Storm² Power Bank offers a DC port with adjustable output voltage provides users total freedom and charging control; You can use it to power most of your devices.<br><br>Equipped with 2 USB-C, 1 USB-A and 1 DC output ports, it can charge up all your devices and gadgets safely and reliably.<br><br>A 25600 mAh high density battery that can be recharged in just 1.5 hours and it supports various charging protocols (QC/PD/PPS etc). such as electric camp coolers, drones, camp lights and more, for the ultimate power solution anywhere you go!</h6><p></p><p></p>

৳ 22000